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Yoga Classes

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Power Yoga

Develops stability, balance, and core muscle strength, vital for healthy posture and to eliminate strain on the physical body.


Vinyasa Flow

Active and flowing yoga postures with breathing techniques for a strong body and mind.


Restorative Energy

Yoga poses that will help you to increase your energy and enthusiasm for daily life while developing a confident yoga practice.


Hatha Flow

Slow, deep, and mindful stretches for a healthy body and a stable mind.


Open Heart Yoga

Perfect class to improve posture by opening the shoulders, chest, and back. This eliminates strain to the physical body and mind.


Inverted Yoga

Specialized class for advanced students who enjoy and benefit from learning inverted yoga poses with support of an experienced teacher.


Happy Back Yoga

Stretch and strengthen your back muscles through specialized yoga poses to target the most problematic area of the physical body – your back!


Innovative Alignment Yoga

Specially designed yoga program that ensures you enter, hold, and exit each yoga pose with correct body alignment. Teacher dedicates significant time to assist and support each student’s individual practice so that you can realize the most benefits of each pose.


Mindfulness Meditation

Learn how to create a stable and clear mind with increased levels of concentration. (Seated, Walking, Standing, and Lying postures) Space limited to 20 participants per class. You are welcome to join this class for FREE!


Yoga Class Packages

Experienced & Certified Teachers | Challenging, Fun, and Supportive Classes | All equipment provided


Drop In


5 sessions
Class Pass (Valid for 30 days)


10 sessions
Class Pass (Valid for 60 days)


15 sessions
Class Pass (Valid for 60 days)

Private Group Classes and One-on-One Sessions are available by appointment. Call 083-484-2999 or walk-in to discuss your interest.