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About Us

Meet Our Founder

Sararut (“Sara”) Pilakun

Sara is a native Thai with 35+ years of experience in the health and wellness field. She started learning massage at the age of 9 with her mom in their remote village in Thailand. She learned in the traditional style as an apprentice. She studied Thai folk healing, Thai massage, and related healing arts.

She soon realized her way of life would blossom into a healthy career. Sara applied herself in formal education studying massage and bodywork through multiple schools. She started in the beginner classes of 3 separate schools and advanced through to instructor level of each program. She is an approved instructor for the Union of Traditional Thai Medicine Society.

In 2007, Sara relocated to the USA were she was employed at the most well known and highly reputable Thai massage school. She worked as a senior therapist and senior instructor until, in 2015, she moved back to Chiang Mai, Thailand with her family.

While in the USA she specialized in treating clients with significant medical concerns left untreated by western medicine. While in the USA, she perfected her countless years of training and education into a successful massage therapy practice.

Sara taught the healing arts of Thailand to 1000’s of yoga instructors, pilate instructors, massage therapists, physical therapists, personal trainers, doctors, nurses, and those looking to change careers by jump starting their wellness education.

Sara continued her education by completing a 200-hour yoga teacher training program with teachers from India and Thailand. Sara has been highly influenced by the teachings of Gotama Buddha through her personal journey with these teachings throughout her entire life. Sara has lived at several temples throughout Thailand for temporary stays as a lay Buddhist practitioner.

She has now created Body & Mind Wellness Studio as a merging of all her influences, education, and dedicated practice for over 35 years. Body & Mind Wellness Studio offers Yoga, Massage Therapy, Massage Training, and Meditation Instruction.

Experience Sara’s life long pursuit of practice in the healing arts directly with her in one of her many yoga classes, in a private massage therapy session or in one of her many massage training courses. Sara has personally assembled a team of highly qualified staff that believe in her vision for a healthy body and mind for all beings.

Join Body & Mind Wellness Studio for a yoga class, Thai & Western massage therapy session, Thai & Western massage training or meditation instruction all with the goal of helping you to achieve and maintain the health of your Body & Mind.